photo by Paolo Brillo

photo by Paolo Brillo

Jaime has released a new single, co-written with Austin songwriter, Jeff Talmadge, called "In My Home"
Just click on the cover and download it for FREE at BandCamp ...

"...a hopeful message without sugar-eyed naivete, a song to keep us looking forward while we still pull up the blankets to stay safe. "
Marilyn Rea Beyer, host, WFMT’s The Midnight Special

"It was my pleasure to share 'In My Home' with listeners. It’s a great song for these terrible Covid days, and you added some badly needed positive vibes for us. Home is a great source of comfort for us all."
Jack Dugan, host, WIOX's Folk Odyssey

"Jaime is truly an inspiring artist. He has been creating great art for a while now, having amassed a 10-CD catalogue at this point. He's gained recognition nationally and is widely regarded as a songwriter's songwriter. And, it's funny that just last year he earned an "Emerging Artist" showcase at Falcon Ridge. I'd call it a Lifetime Achievement award, instead. But either definition would be misleading. Jaime is a vital, alive, creative, artist who is as sharp, in touch, poignant and timely as anyone. He's simply an artist committed to growing who is on the journey with a mission to seek, learn and connect with art. Thanks for helping to make sure that his music is heard!"
Erik Balkey / Hudson Harding Music

"Michaels writes beautiful, philosophical toned, poetic songs...he sings beautifully & the arrangements are stunning...An absolute must!"
Holly Moors -

"Jaime Michaels' songs are as elusive as smoke and mirrors...His voice raspy with sadness and longing, Michaels pens contemporary tunes where love shines from within like a falling star..."
Sing Out!

"Looks like the muse has found a home..."
Caroline Aiken

"When booking Four Friends Acoustic Music Series, I look for the songwriter's songwriter. Jaime Michaels fits that description and fulfilled my expectations with zest, soulful, heart-bending lyrics, and clean expertise in the guitar department. His humor suited the audience, and kept everyone engaged and delighted with his fine storytelling ability. He brought a good group of fans out to our beautiful warm venue in Thousand Oaks, California.
I look forward to seeing him perform again.....anywhere, anytime."
Marilyn Babcock / Four Friends Acoustic Music Series

"Much like the folkier side of Paul Simon, who seems a clear mentor, Michaels’ lyrical skills allow him to be reflective and wry in his crafty word-play...The tunes throughout are always clever, mostly upbeat, but never sappy -- wine sipping rather than beer drinking music.”
Roots Music Report

"Jaime Michaels creates songs that follow the lives of ancestors and neighbors in tales told with the graceful edge of a master storyteller."
Danny McCloskey / the Alternate Root

"He writes songs with special meanings...with a sense of purpose, a sense of belief that music is as critical to life as breathing itself.”
Wanda Adams Fischer/WAMC

the news

July 13, 2021
Hi gang
Well, it sure has been an interesting couple of months … first things first, I recently had a little bout with skin cancer … happy to report that following surgery (which included plastic surgery) that I am cancer free!! And I’m just going to tell folks that the scar on my nose is from a youthful duel defending the honor of … someone.

The other good news is that I have shows coming up in the next couple of months, some of them live and in person!  Looks like this so far with more to come:

TUESDAY, JULY 27th  -  I’m curating an online show for the “Music My Mother Would Not Like” series, a great little series hosted by Bruce Swan.  My guests will be two marvelous songwriters, Rj Cowdery and Jono Manson.  It’s a free Zoom concert that requires registering … here is the registration link:

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th - Heading to my first Missouri concert, the Old Home Place concert series in Buffalo, Missouri …details TBA

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th  -  Playing a rare live show in Austin, Texas at the New World Deli ...I'll be swapping songs with my buddy Eric Gerber ... looking forward to this one

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th  -  Playing Pam and James Johnson’s house concert in Galveston, Texas 

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5th. -  Los Angeles, CA - Severin Browne’s First Friday show at Kulak’s Woodshed

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6th. -  Paso Robles, CA - Sculpterra Winery in-the-round with Steve Key & TBA

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7th - Shell Beach, CA - Songwriters at Play, private house concert

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 10th - So Pasadena, CA - Brad Colerick’s Wine and Song series

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12th - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (Los Angeles celebration TBA)

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13th - Kagel Canyon, CA - Coddy Nuckols “Live at the A-Frame” series

I will post details on all these shows when I have them

May 11, 2021

hey, kids! This coming Friday evening I have one of those, you know, one of those ... uh ... GIGS
It's hosted by the Americana Community Music Association down in Ft Myers ... 7:00 Eastern, doors at 6:30
Also on the bill is my good friend, il mio paisano, Ray Cerbone ... Ray is a helluva songwriter (ask him to play his tribute to Guy Clark)

For my Italian friends, just have an extra coffee, it will only be one AM, Saturday ... i think
Seriously, i hardly ever do these online sets so it would mean a lot to see your lovely faces there on the Zoom/FaceBook grid

Zoom link -
FaceBook link -

March 24, 2021

Now THAT was fun ... great sharing songs last evening on the “Songs My Mother Would Not Like” web series with Annette Wasilik, Caroline Cotter and Ernest Troost (that boy can play!) ... if you missed the live show on Zoom, you can watch it here on Facebook til Friday ... give a listen ... I played the acoustic version of the new single written by me and Jeff Talmadge, “in my home”
Big thanks to Bruce Swan and Louise Baker for inviting me ... I cannot say enough about this wonderful series ... highly recommended ... they are featuring some of my favorite artists (I am SO excited to see their upcoming show with two of my favorite writers, Cliff Eberhardt and Patty Larkin)
check out their site for more great shows on the horizon

Click here to watch


March 23, 2021

See the note below this one? That’s tonight!!! Would love to see you there ...


March !5, 2021

I'm looking forward to playing a set at Bruce Swan &Louise Baker's series "Music My Mother Would Not Like" a week from tomorrow, Tuesday March 23rd ... i will be appearing on a bill that includes Caroline Cotter, Annette Wasilik and headliner Ernest Troost ... this is going to be fun ... this Zoom show is free but you need to pre-register here:

Zoom -
Facebook -

February 26, 2021

lots going on all of a sudden ... hooray!!!!
I had a great time attending the International Folk Alliance Conference (virtual edition) this past week ... nice to see friends, even at a distance ... my claustrophobic self did not miss the crowded hotel elevators and rooms ... but i did miss the hugs ...
OK first up, I have released a new single, a pandemic related song called "in my home", cowritten with Austin songwriter, Jeff Talmadge ... it's already getting some good radio play around the country ... it's available for a FREE download at my BandCamp page, more about that in a sec
but first

this coming Saturday , I've been invited by Mustard's Retreat to join them in a virtual Zoom concert at 8:00 PM EST, sponsored by the Defiantly Hopeful series and the Flint Public Library ... You can watch it on YouTube or FaceBook

and next month on Tuesday, March 23rd, I am delighted to report that i will be playing a set on the Music My Mother Would Not Like series, hosted by Bruce Swan and Louise Baker ... I'll be appearing with some great songwriters, Caroline Cotter, Annette Wasilik and headliner, Ernest Troost ... here are the links for the series webpage and the series facebook page (WEBSITE) (FACEBOOK)

We're looking to add shows all the time, so if you know of anything ...

Anyhow, the other news is that i am about to launch an online series called "Like The Tune? Feed A Kid!" ... the idea is to encourage people to donate to their local food banks ... I'll be doing covers mostly and a few of my tunes ... there will be links to food bank databases where you can enter your zip code and find places to help near you ... OK?? There are far too many children going to sleep hungry tonight.  Let's try to help out ...
As part of this series I am not only offering a FREE download of the new single from BandCamp but have made my entire recording catalog available for a free download ... everything!  all 12 recordings!  offered for free with the understanding that you will consider making a donation to your local food bank ... it doesn't matter how much ... small donations add up ... OK? OK, see you soon ... stay safe ... wear a damned mask!

January 18, 2021
Wow, Happy New Year ... let's celebrate with a house concert, this coming Saturday, January 23rd at 5:00 PM MST
Hope to see you there

with Jono Manson, Catfish Hodge, David Berkeley, Vince Bell (with Vince Pawless) and Lisa McCormick

August 30, 2020
man o man ... i'll tell you all about it sometime
in the meantime, got a gig with my old buddy Annie Wenz this week, Friday, September 3rd @ 7:00 Eastern

June 23, 2020
well, hell, this just gets weirder and weirder ... have not played a gig in a long time.  i have one on Sunday with Jan Seides and Jean Synodinos.  Give a listen if you've a mind to