"Jaime is truly an inspiring artist. He has been creating great art for a while now, having amassed a 10-CD catalogue at this point. He's gained recognition nationally and is widely regarded as a songwriter's songwriter. And, it's funny that just last year he earned an "Emerging Artist" showcase at Falcon Ridge. I'd call it a Lifetime Achievement award, instead. But either definition would be misleading. Jaime is a vital, alive, creative, artist who is as sharp, in touch, poignant and timely as anyone. He's simply an artist committed to growing who is on the journey with a mission to seek, learn and connect with art. Thanks for helping to make sure that his music is heard!
Erik Balkey / Hudson Harding Music

"Michaels writes beautiful, philosophical toned, poetic songs...he sings beautifully & the arrangements are stunning...An absolute must!"
Holly Moors - moorsmagazine.com

"Jaime Michaels' songs are as elusive as smoke and mirrors...His voice raspy with sadness and longing, Michaels pens contemporary tunes where love shines from within like a falling star..."
Sing Out!

"Looks like the muse has found a home..."
Caroline Aiken

"When booking Four Friends Acoustic Music Series, I look for the songwriter's songwriter. Jaime Michaels fits that description and fulfilled my expectations with zest, soulful, heart-bending lyrics, and clean expertise in the guitar department. His humor suited the audience, and kept everyone engaged and delighted with his fine storytelling ability. He brought a good group of fans out to our beautiful warm venue in Thousand Oaks, California.
I look forward to seeing him perform again.....anywhere, anytime."
Marilyn Babcock / Four Friends Acoustic Music Series
"Much like the folkier side of Paul Simon, who seems a clear mentor, Michaels’ lyrical skills allow him to be reflective and wry in his crafty word-play...The tunes throughout are always clever, mostly upbeat, but never sappy -- wine sipping rather than beer drinking music.”
Roots Music Report

"Jaime Michaels creates songs that follow the lives of ancestors and neighbors in tales told with the graceful edge of a master storyteller."
Danny McCloskey / the Alternate Root

"He writes songs with special meanings...with a sense of purpose, a sense of belief that music is as critical to life as breathing itself.”
Wanda Adams Fischer/WAMC
the news
May 26, 2019
oh my, i have really been neglecting this site but that changes NOW!
the first big news is that while i've been away, i spent part of my time at the Kitchen Sink Recording Studio with producer Jono Manson recording my 11th full length album, if you fall ... this project was recorded with a whole new band featuring keyboards & accordion by Radoslav Lorkavić, drummer Paul Pearcy, bassist Ronnie Johnson and multi instrumentalist Jon Graboff plus a bunch of guest artists ... i could not be more proud of the results ... the album gets released tomorrow in Italy on Appaloosa Records who will have an exclusive for a few months ... the album will be released here later in the summer
next up on the tour front is a tour of Italy in July ... i'll post the details as soon as i have them ...
there will be new additions to this site in the very near future ... please sign up for the email list and i'll tell you all about them!
and if you look to the left you'll see a link to the first single released in Italy, a cover/translation of a song by legendary Italian singer-songwriter Francesco de Gregori ... have a listen!
March 17th, 2019
And a happy St Patrick's Day to you, too ...
Where the hell have i been, you ask?
Well, stay tuned and I'll tell you all about it ... a little later ...
August 7, 2018
Good news!  I have been selected by the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance as one of their official showcase artists at this year's soiree held, as usual, at the Holiday Inn, Middle Fiskville Road, Austin ... I'll be showcasing on Saturday night, September 29th ... the showcases are open to the public, come on by ...
July 22, 2018
After a delightful little California run I'm back in Santa Fe recharging a bit ... been immersing myself in what is, for me, roots music ... makes sense ... the gig at the Providence Folk Festival next month will be the official start of the 2018/19 "Fifty Years In" tour ... after watching an old Lightfoot concert on YouTube, I've been rabbit hole time travelin' ... next up is a really young P, P & M "Puff" ... fun to watch the audience ... ah, but we was so much older then ... and nobody moved like Mary... then there's a cool Pentangle tune, first incarnation of Bert Yansch, John Renbourne, Jaqui McShee, Tony Cox & Danny Thompson ... saw John and Jaqui at a festival in Minnesota a few years back ... i was really impressed with the way John removed his teeth and put them in a glass before he started playing ...of course, then they just killed ... it was great to hear them ... then some Sandy Denny ... yeah, hard not to fall in love ... more Pentangle then Judy Collins singing Sandy's "Who Knows Where The Time Goes" ... this old folkie stuff is at the root of any music I've ever done ... even the Swamp Band ... strong roots ... run deep ... obviously ... see you out there ... not close to
JUNE 28, 2018
MAY 19th 2018
Look to the column on the left for a link to a concert recorded on my last visit to Florence, Italy, in December.