winter song
there is a winter song
it’s very dear to me
it sings of joy and peace
comfort and harmony
and when everything’s done and been said
and there’s nothing left of me
there’ll be a winter song
dear to me
it is a common tale wrapped in a fantasy
and from the top on down
it winks and it blinks and it shines on me
it tells my heart to be strong
the best is yet to be
it is a winter song dear to me
there is a hill to climb
the one that tomorrow brings
and i’d fly right to the top, yeah
if i only had the wings
but when everything’s shadows and fear
and there’s no path to see
there’ll be winter song dear to me
and when i’m standing tall
tall as a man can be
and i am looking around at all that has come to me
there will be stars in my sky
i will blessed be
there was a winter song
someone sang to me
sing to me
© 1999 blue mole music/BMI
jaime – acoustic guitar & vocals
ben wright – acoustic guitar
jason crosby – hammond organ
jono manson – electric baritone guitar
justin bransford – bass
mark clark - drums